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  • I enjoy ADS as an organization composed of wonderful, friendly, and very bright people who are intensely interested in solving a problem that has defeated so many others. Delirium involves intense suffering and we (the members) insist of ourselves that we rise to the task of helping all those affected by delirium!
    -Dr. Barbara Kamholz

Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding Drug-Associated Delirium in the ICU

John W. Devlin, PharmD, FCCM, FCCP
Northeastern University
Boston, MA

Building a Quality Program Around Delirium

At ADS, we share a passion for improving care for delirium. However, more than passion about caring for patients with delirium is required to develop a quality improvement program for delirium. In this blog, we will detail crucial implementation steps of a delirium program.

Step 1: Become the “Expert”
The development of a strong understanding of the problem and previous attempts to address it will inform the next steps and help you to avoid repeating other’s mistakes.

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The goals of the American Delirium Society are to foster research, education, quality improvement, advocacy & implementation science to minimize the impact of delirium on short- and long-term health and well being, and the effects of delirium on the health care system as a whole.