The American Delirium Society is a member-run organization. It is not affiliated with any one University or institution. The achievements of the ADS are a result of the dedication and hard work of our members. Please help us advance the field of delirium by joining one of the committees.

Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Annual Conference Committee works with the Executive Board to plan, implement and evaluate the annual conference of the Society, and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding all aspects of the Annual Conference.
Contact Esther Oh, MD, PhD  or Christine Waszynski, APRN for more information.

Communications and Membership Committee

The Communications and Membership Committee is responsible for developing venues for ADS to get its messages out and get members involved! This committee ensures that timely and regular communications are maintained on the ADS website and through social media and develops informational materials to be used for information and marketing of the Society. This Committee has responsibility to devise, implement and evaluate a plan for recruitment and retention of members and oversees the Special Interest Groups.
Contact Heidi Smith, MD, MSC, MSCI or Ben Kalivas, MD for more information.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing regular informational materials to be used for information and marketing of the Society, and reviews and edits all educational materials designed for professionals and consumers prior to the addition of the Society logo as endorsement.
Contact Aaron Pinkhasov, MD or Kerri Maya, MSL, RN for more information.

Research Committee

The Research Committee makes recommendations to the leadership regarding the organization’s strategic research agenda. They also work closely with the Conference Planning Committee to enhance conference content and match junior faculty with more senior researchers for mentoring and guidance. Finally the research committee provides a venue for networking to assist in translating basic and implementation research related to delirium.
Contact Heidi Lindroth, PhD or Sikandar Khan, MD for more information.

Advisory Committee

A heterogeneous group of individuals with an interest in delirium care representing the health care, business and public sector. Members are asked to advise the ADS BOD on selected topics and to offer insight to the BOD on ways to engage with the public and health care professions surrounding delirium detection and care. Identifying Innovative ways to expand the ADS footprint and generate revenue are a focus of this committee.
Contact Karin Neufeld or Julia Herzenbergfor more information.

Social Media Task Force

Stimulate interest in ADS through a variety of social media platforms. Bring attention to new findings in evolving research and evidence based practice related to delirium. Promote discussion of topics related to delirium science and practice.
Contact Heidi Lindroth, PhD or Sikandar Khan, MD for more information.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the contact listed under the committee. (ADS Members Only)