2023 Year in Review Webinar

Date & Time

Monday, December 11th, 2023, at 11:00 EST

Year in Review Coordination

Presenters: Joseph Hippensteel, Shannon Cotton, Allyson Palmer

Coordinators: C. Adrian Austin and Mark Oldham

Hosts: Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program at Johns Hopkins (Jane Marks) and Tullyvision (Michelle Powell)

Joint Provider: Sutter Health (Kerri Maya)

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Click here to view the Webinar recording: https://exhibitormap.zoom.us/rec/share/LBJjxNMl3BFpauJ6zJnJIgddTD2-kwTo5R45coZUn7AiXkApasquWulUBWT9nNYR.zWuVyDAJ4Dt6sWtz

Randomized Controlled Trials

Presenter: Joseph


Andersen-Ranberg NC, Poulsen LM, Perner
A, et al. Haloperidol
for the Treatment of Delirium in ICU Patients
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Andersen-Ranberg NC, Poulsen LM, Perner
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vs. placebo for the treatment of delirium in ICU patients: a pre-planned,
secondary Bayesian analysis of the AID-ICU trial
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Patel BK, Wolfe KS, Patel SB, et al. Effect of early
mobilisation on long-term cognitive impairment in critical illness in the USA:
a randomised controlled trial
. Lancet Respir Med 2023;11(6):563-572.


Observational Studies

Shannon Cotton


Hshieh TT, Gou RY, Jones RN, et al. One-year Medicare costs associated
with delirium in older hospitalized patients with and without Alzheimer’s
disease dementia and related disorders
. Alzheimers Dement

Kunicki ZJ, Ngo LH, Marcantonio ER, et
al. Six-Year
Cognitive Trajectory in Older Adults Following Major Surgery and Delirium
JAMA Intern Med 2023;183(5):442-450.

Tsui A, Yeo N, Searle SD, et al. Extremes of baseline cognitive
function determine the severity of delirium: a population study
. Brain



Presenter: Allyson


Krogseth M, Davis D, Jackson TA,
et al. Delirium,
neurofilament light chain, and progressive cognitive impairment: analysis of a
prospective Norwegian population-based cohort
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Lucini FR, Stelfox HT, Lee J. Deep Learning-Based Recurrent Delirium
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al. Postoperative
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cerebrospinal fluid lactate: a prospective cohort study
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