Borten — Past Awardees


Leanne Boehm, PhD, RN

Dr. Boehm focuses her research on strategies to improve outcomes for the critically ill. Her primary research interests include exploration of interventions to improve interprofessional protocol implementation, adherence, and fidelity in the acute care setting; implementation of ICU peer support and diary programs with exploration of the associated patient, staff, and organizational outcomes; and exploration of interventions to reduce the burden of Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.

Matthew S. Duprey, PharmD, PhD

Matthew S. Duprey, PharmD, PhD is postdoctoral research associate at the Brown University School of Public Health who focuses on improving the medication use process throughout the continuum of care. He is trained as a critical care pharmacist and pharmacoepidemiologist. His research interests include delirium, pain and analgesia, sedation, and fall-related injuries in long-term care