The American Delirium Society is a member-run organization. It is not affiliated with any one University or institution. The achievements of the ADS are a result of the dedication and hard work of our members. Please help us advance the field of delirium by joining one of the committees.


Research Committee

The Research Committee makes recommendations to the leadership regarding the organization’s strategic research agenda. They also work closely with the Conference Planning Committee to enhance conference content and match junior faculty with more senior researchers for mentoring and guidance. Finally the research committee provides a venue for networking to assist in translating basic and implementation research related to delirium.
Contact Noll Campbell, PharmD for more information.


Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Annual Conference Committee works with the Executive Board to plan, implement and evaluate the annual conference of the Society, and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding all aspects of the Annual Conference.
Contact Clay Angel, MD for more information.


Governance and Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws and Procedures Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the Bylaws of the organization, preparing amendments and present them to the Executive Board with recommendations for action. It is also responsible for managing ADS funds and develops/reviews fiscal procedures, fundraising plans and annual budgets to present to the Executive Board for approval. They also review all expenditures to ensure consistency with the approved budget and strategic plan and work with the Treasurer to prepare regular financial reports for the Executive Board and an annual report for the membership. Finally, they solicit and select independent auditors for financial audits as necessary.
Contact Scott Mattson for more information.


Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing regular informational materials to be used for information and marketing of the Society, and reviews and edits all educational materials designed for professionals and consumers prior to the addition of the Society logo as endorsement.
Contact Clay Angel, MD and Karin Neufeld, MD, MPH for more information.


Communications and Membership Committee

The Communications and Membership Committee is responsible for developing venues for ADS to get its messages out and get members involved! This committee ensures that timely and regular communications are maintained on the ADS website and through social media and develops informational materials to be used for information and marketing of the Society. This Committee has responsibility to devise, implement and evaluate a plan for recruitment and retention of members and oversees the Special Interest Groups.
Contact John W. Devlin, PharmD, BCCCP, FCCM, FCCP and Babar Khan, MD for more information.

Sponsorship Committee

Contact Pratik Pandharipande, MD, MSCI, FCCM and Jose Maldonado MD, FAPM for more information.