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All You Need to Know about Retin-A, Cases of Its Application and Benefits

Summary below shares all possible cases, when Retin-A should be taken, discusses its key ingredients and features, as well as compares its side effects and essential precautions for consideration.
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Retin-A (also referred to as Tretinoin) represents a type of vitamin A, which aids skin in regenerating itself. The Retin-A and Avita brands of Tretinoin are applied for to acne treatment. The Renova brand of Tretinoin is applied for reduction of appearance of mottled skin discoloration and fine wrinkles, as well as to smoothen rough facial skin. Retin-A is suitable for topical application during the treatment of acne vulgaris.

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Appropriate Application and Dosage of Retin-A

Retin-A is to be used in precisely as per healthcare provider’s recommendation. All directions from prescription label should be followed at all times. Do not vary the dosage of Retin-A, as well as its administration frequency or duration. Applying Retin-A in bigger volumes or more often than prescribed, will not cause it to function any quicker, and may actually increase the likelihood of side effects to occur.
Abstain from taking Retin-A orally, since this medication is strictly skin application only. Do not apply Retin-A on open wounds or on windburned, sunburned, chapped, irritated, or dry skin.
Ensure you wash your hands before and after Retin-A application. Afterwards, wash your skin with help of a mild type of soap and then gently dry it. Allow 20 – 30 minutes before applying Retin-A, because it is crucial for skin to remain fully dry with the intention of minimizing any possible irritation. Abstain from washing the treated area for minimum 1 hour after Retin-A application. Avoid the using any other skin products on the area treated with Retin-A for minimum 1 hour.

List of Associated Side Effects and Important Precautions

Seek for immediate medical assistance if you experience any signs of possible allergic reaction to Retin-A or any ingredients included in its content: hives, issues with breathing properly, swelling around lips, tongue, face, throat. Stop application of Retin-A and contact your healthcare specialist for consultation right away, if you experience:
severe swelling, redness, peeling, blistering, or crusting of treated skin area;
severe stinging, burning, or irritation around treated skin zone.
Your skin may happen to exhibit higher sensitivity to any abrupt weather extremes, like wind and low temperatures, during the treatment with Retin-A. Common side effects that may be caused by Retin-A are:
alterations of skin color around the treated area;
mild warmth and/or stinging sensations around the zone where Retin-A was applied.
Store Retin-A in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, source of heat and reach of kids. Make sure you dispose any medication that has exceeded the expiry date.

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