The DSM-5 criteria, level of arousal and delirium diagnosis: inclusiveness is safer

The DSM-5 criteria, level of arousal and delirium diagnosis: inclusiveness is safer

European Delirium Association* and American Delirium Society

• * Corresponding author: European Delirium Association
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MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing, University College London, 33 Bedford Place, London WC1B 5JU, UK
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BMC Medicine 2014, 12:141 doi:10.1186/s12916-014-0141-2

Important Program Announcement from NIH (Please Read and Forward Freely)

A program announcement was released by NIH in early August for applications that would explore connectivity in the human brain related to disease. NIA is participating and one of the conditions that is targeted is delirium (see p. 5 of the PA).

As is usual with PAs, there are several opportunities to submit applications but they differ from the standard submission dates (November 14, 2014, July 14, 2015 and July 14, 2016; see p. 2 of the PA).

Dr. Babar A. Khan

Dr. Khan's research is at the critical intersection of acute illness and aging brain. He is a patient oriented-translational/clinical researcher with a principal focus on developing a biomarker profile among delirious patients in the intensive care unit to predict their long term cognitive, physical and psychological morbidity. In addition, he directs the "Critical Care Recovery Center- CCRC", located at Eskenazi Health Services.

Great brief educational video about delirium in hospitals:

Great brief educational video about delirium in hospitals. Share to educate clinicians & family
(We thank Dr. MacLullich for presenting this important material and thank Dr. Needham for tweeting this reference)

Feature Article on Delirium in HOPKINSMEDICINE Magazine!

Bizarre visions and fantastic reveries are surprisingly common among ICU patients—and far from benign. A Hopkins team is pushing to prevent “the stuff that dreams are made of.”

"He was handcuffed to a railing among the criminals in City Jail, fighting fiercely to free himself. Guards stood by ready to shoot him if he escaped. ... " continue reading at

Recent Publication: "Brain Disorders in Critical Illness"

This book emphasizes a scientific approach to delirium that is aligned with the vision of the ADS. It is a multi-author effort with nearly all the leading investigators in the field contributing, many of whom will be at the 2014 ADS meeting. Following are some useful links