Announcement: Foundation of German Delirium Network

The following announcement was recently received and welcomed by ADS:

The German Delirium Network (GDN) was established on December 2nd, 2015 by health care professionals from diverse disciplines of the health systems of German speaking countries Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Among its members are nurses and physicians from ICU and IMC care, anesthesiology, surgery and internal medicine, geriatric and pediatric units as well as psychologists, gerontologists and physiotherapists.
GDN is committed to improving the practice of delirium management by offering knowledge, tools and guidance in the German language. GDN is a non-profit organization without any affiliation to pharmaceutical companies or others.
Our goals are:
 integrating the knowledge and experience gathered by experts from all areas of the health care system as well as those affected
 implementing them into practice and
 offering public information for the media.
We cordially invite not only the above mentioned persons, but also members of the public to join us.
Some GDN members are associated to organizations like the European Delirium Association (EDA) or the Early Mobilization Network, yet the network itself would like to actively seek and intensify cooperation with the groups mentioned above, as well as the American Delirium Association, the Australasian Delirium Association, German Sepsis Help and other interested parties.
More information will soon be available on our website, via Facebook and Twitter or by contacting us via our e-mail address
On behalf of the network,
Rebecca von Haken Michael Dewes
MD, Dept. of anesthesiology RN, ICU University of Heidelberg Hôpital Kirchberg, Luxembourg