Presidential Address 2016

The American Delirium Society is a dedicated and tenacious grass roots organization which recognizes the vast spread of Delirium and the need for advancements in research, education and clinical care. We've come a long way from 2009, when a small group of researchers and clinicians met on conference calls and eventually in Boston for our first annual meeting.

This year has been all about building alliances, including a new collaboration with the American Nurses Association. The new international web consortium promotes recognition of Delirium as a worldwide issue, and facilitates global communication between the American Delirium Society, the European Delirium Association and the Australasian Delirium Association.

A survey of our membership in 2015, revealed the following priorities for this coming year:

  1. Educational Materials for Health Professional Education
  2. Online Networking Forum for Research
  3. Guidance in implementing Delirium Screening programs.