ADS Annual Meeting 2016 – Pre-conference

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Dr. Jose Maldonado began the pre-conference with an interactive quiz format to gather a sense of the attendees’ base knowledge of delirium.

Dr. James Rudolph followed with a case study where learners took on roles such as surgeon, nurse, geriatrician and spouse to empathize with those who provide delirium care.

Dr. Maldonado then transitioned the discussion from "What is Delirium?" to "Delirium Detection and Monitoring". Nurse Practitioner Stacey Williams provided an overview of Pediatric Delirium, highlighting that the syndrome occurs from infancy to the oldest age.

Next Dr. Maldonado gave a presentation on the pathophysiology with a review of the seven theories of delirium. The morning concluded with simultaneous sessions on tools for Pediatric and Adult Delirium.

The afternoon focus transitioned from descriptions of what delirium is to what can be done about it. President elect Pratik Pandharipande, MD, MSCI discussed the dangerous and costly outcomes of Delirium, followed by presentations on non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic management by Karin Neufeld, MD, MPH, Babar Khan, MD, Michele Balas, PhD, RN, Jose Maldonado, MD, FACM, and Heidi Smith, MD, MSCI.

The preconference ended with an interactive simulation lab presented by the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, featuring professional actors portraying the patients.

Pre-conference | Day 1 | Day 2 | Speakers and Information