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EyeControl is a pioneer of medical technology, specializing in innovative communication solutions that address unmet healthcare needs. We implement disruptive AI-technologies that connect people and bridge information barriers, facilitating better medical care and decision-making. Our eye-tracking wearable and smart platforms empower comprehensive, round-the-clock, bi-directional connectivity between patients with communication difficulties, their families, and medical teams. Using adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition, eye gestures are analyzed and converted to real-time communication and actionable clinical data for patients with various levels of cognition. Established in 2016 by individuals, who share unique personal connections to Locked-in patients, EyeControl is a privately held, rapidly growing startup. Recognized for its cutting-edge medical innovation, the company is supported by the European Innovation Council, Israel Innovation Authority, investors and advisors representing various sectors. The device is FDA listed, CE marked, ISO certified, AMAR registered, and HIPAA compliant; it is federally reimbursed in Israel, the UK, and the US. Clinical trials validating its efficacy in detecting and mitigating Delirium are underway in Israel and the US.

Prolira developed DeltaScan® for you, a revolutionary medical device that objectively monitors the brain state of patients. In just a few minutes, the patient’s brain is assessed for signs of illness (acute encephalopathy and delirium).

Monitoring the brain state of hospitalized patients is as important monitoring other vital organs like the heart or lungs. Until now this was difficult, as only subjective checklists with limited performance in routine care settings were available. With DeltaScan®, the brain state is objectively determined at the bedside using breakthrough EEG technology.

DeltaScan’s single use Patch acquires the brain signals and the Monitor analyses these signals with smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. DeltaScan provides an easy-to-interpret score between 1 and 5, which supports effective medical treatment. DeltaScan is a CE marked device, and is already in use in 20 frontrunner hospitals in Europe. Early next year DeltaScan will become available in the USA.

Management & Innovation in acute encephalopathy / delirium using EEG

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